The Wedge

This elegant zero energy home has a full double height solar collector on the elevation that faces the equator and a large hinged collector on the roof.  In summer the adjustable roof collector provides additional solar energy to power the active cooling systems.  The collector on the roof can be secured horizontally when it is not required. 

The windows are limited to the east and the west elevations.  The main solar collector is sized so that the building’s energy requirements are met in winter.  A full height polar orientated cooling wall is fitted as standard to lower the temperature inside the building in summer.

Hot air is drawn from the collector and passed through a heat exchanger mounted at the top of the building.  The heat in the air is transferred to water which is used for domestic purposes.  Underneath the building there is a pebble energy store that is warmed by hot air that is drawn from the collector.  Any residual heat is used to drive a Sterling engine that is connected to a generator.

The windows are limited to the east and the west elevations.

The building is characterised by having the bedrooms on the ground floor.  This configuration makes it easier to maintain a low temperature in the bedrooms at night.

This building has a kitchen, a large sitting room, four bedrooms, a cloakroom with a toilet, a shower room and a bathroom.

Plans for: The Wedge