The Mansard

This zero energy home has a full height multi-faceted solar collector that faces the equator.  The greater the number of facets the more efficient the collector.  The windows that serve the inhabited area of the building are placed in the east and the west elevations to minimise solar gain in summer.  The solar collectors meet the building’s total energy requirements as well as providing a generous supply of hot water. 

The hot air that is produced in the solar collector is passed through a heat exchanger that is mounted in the roof void.  The heat exchanger strips solar energy from the hot air that is produced in the collector and transfers it to water.  The hot water is stored in a large insulated tank that is buried adjacent to the building.  Underneath the building there are pebble energy stores that are warmed by hot air that is drawn from the solar collector.  The hot air that is produced in the solar collectors also produces domestic hot water.  Surplus heat drives a Sterling engine which is connected to a generator.

In summer the temperature inside the building is regulated by passive cooling technology.  This building can be fitted with a cooling polar facing wall if it is required.

This building has a kitchen, a dining room, a family room, a sitting room, four bedrooms, a shower room, a downstairs toilet and a bathroom.

Plans for: The Mansard