The Bungalow

The Bungalow is a simple low cost sustainable home.  It is ideally for a young family or for someone who wants to downsize.  A solar collector is built into the roof and faces the equator.  If a larger collector is required we extend it down to the ground with cut outs for the doors and windows.

The structure is normally formed in timber.  In some areas the structure is formed from foamed concrete blocks reinforced with an in situ reinforced concrete frame.  Under the building there is an energy store.  Hot air is formed in the solar collector that is built into the roof.  The hot air from the collector is passed through a heat exchanger mounted in the roof void which delivers hot water for domestic purposes.

Passive solar cooling systems ensure that there is a pleasant environment in summer.

This model contains a sitting room, a kitchen diner, a bathroom, a double bedroom, and a long bedroom that can accommodate two single beds.

Plans for: The Bungalow